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Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera

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Easy to grow
Good for burns
Use freely on sunburn


Uses for Aloe Vera

A succulent, this is a dry climate plant originating in the arid areas of Africa.
There are many studies being done on the effects of Aloe Vera although it is not widely used in the medical community. It is used often by herbalists, usually in the treatment of mild burns.
We kept a plant handy to our café kitchen and it was the first thing we use on any burns.
I have also seen it used it on horses being heat branded, and found that those treated with Aloe Vera showed signs of far less pain and the brands healed faster and cleaner.
Aloe has been credited with healing powers for many skin complaints from ringworm to eczema. It is also processed and sold as a thick juice, having the skin and bitter constituent removed. This is used as a digestive aid, and for arthritic pain.


Use fresh straight from the plant for burns or skin complaints.
Cut a leaf with a clean sharp knife, and if need be keep the leaf in the fridge, cutting another slither off each time it is used to get to the gel. Each cut will expose more of the slippery gel.

Extract Gel

Cut the leaf and sit upright in a glass or container for about 20 minutes to let the sap drain out, this can be discarded.
Cut the spines off on both sides, then peel skin of back and front of leaf, exposing all of the gel.
Scrape the skin with a spoon to remove any excess gel left behind.
This can be stored in a dark airtight container and will keep for a lengthy period as long as it is not exposed to extreme temperature changes. It is safe to keep in the fridge, or at room temperature if the temperature is constant.


Grows well in dry soil, and in ideal conditions will spread a little wider each year. Although it likes warm conditions it can survive frosts as long as the root does not freeze. Frost will damage the leaves quite severely, but they can 

be trimmed back when the damage causes unsightly blackened parts. It needs to be grown in a place where the spines cannot do any damage to passer-by’s.

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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