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Artichoke - Globe

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Artichoke - Globe

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  • Serve as a vegetable.

  • Kind on the digestive system.

  • Helps protect the liver



Uses for Globe Artichoke

Known in some circles as a superfood, Globe Artichoke is a stunning plant growing to 1.5m with flowers that are edible prior to opening.
All parts of the plant can be used, the large leaves from the stem, being the most medicinal.
This plant contains cynarin, which helps digestion, protects the liver and gallbladder. This chemical also depresses your taste receptors making things taste sweeter for a while after eating the artichoke.
Artichoke leaf extract has been studied for decades for it's potential to reduce high cholesterol, and there have been recent studies for it's potential to help reduce cancer cell propagation.


Pick before the tips of the scales brown at the tips.
To cook the unopened flower head, it is a matter removing the lower tough leaves and cutting the top off the artichoke.
It can be steamed or cooked in pot half full of water for 30 - 40 minutes. Or cook in a chicken broth with white wine, some bay leaves and garlic.
Otherwise, when steamed, dip the petals into a sauce made with garlic butter and white wine.
The preparation options are numerous.


Make this one a feature of your garden. If your use is for the lower leaves and you don't eat the flower bud you will be rewarded with an enormous stunning mauve flower in summer. Easy to grow from seed, but best grown in punnets and planted out when large enough.

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