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Comfrey Hidcote dwarf

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Comfrey Hidcote dwarf

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Symphytum ibericum



Background for Dwarf Comfrey

This Comfrey is much like its larger brother but doesn't disappear in winter. I have yet to find any specific herbal reference to it. But we are just about to do a planting in an area that is periodically grazed by sheep so I will watch carefully to see how popular it is.

Use for Hidcote Dwarf Comfrey

Although there is little information on the medicinal use for this comfrey, it is well worth while using to promote your compost. The broad leaves can be layered over the compost, breaking down but also sheltering the compost from drying out. There are 35 different Symphytum, and this one may have similar uses to many of the others. 


This is a celebrated ground cover The flower is quite spectacular against the lush leaves of this comfrey and it spreading habit makes it a lovely plant for around the fruit trees and in those areas where the mower can't quite reach. The leaves are large ovals which has the benefit of sheltering the ground from the searing sun in summer, acting like a mulch around trees. The roots reach deep into the soil bring to the surface nutrients not otherwise found by the shallow rooting plants. When the leaves die the nutrient rich leaves then feed the surface.

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