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Chrysanthemum balsamita

  • Use in food flavouring 

  • Used to flavour beer

  • Easy on the digestive system




Costmary is an old English herb, being introduced to England in the 1,600’s. It originated in Asian, but is naturalised now in Southern Europe. It is closely related to Tansy, although it’s distinctive scent is far more pleasant than Tansy.

Use for Costmary

 Costmary can be used in salads to add flavour. It can also be used in baking where it not only adds flavour but also enhances the digestive system. It is astringent and antiseptic and has a sweet smell but a slightly bitter taste. It can be dried and hung in linen cupboards along with lavender to keep linen fresh smelling. 

Grow Costmary

Costmary quite likes a drier soil, but is tolerant of all but the boggiest situations. It grows straggly stems throughout the summer. Its yellow flowers are indistinctive. This is an herb that is grown for its use rather than its aesthetic appeal.

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