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Golden Oregano

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Golden Oregano

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Origanum vulgare 'Aureum'



Background for Golden Oregano

A cultivar of Origanum vulgare, golden oregano was most likely developed for its showy golden colour and the tight form it makes, creating a lovely dense ground cover.

Use for Golden Oregano

This is a full flavour oregano and is a great flavour in and tomato, pasta or rice dishes. More so if it is grown in lower fertility soils. It’s is claimed to be a digestive, promoting gallbladder secretions. Also being an anti-septic and anti-oxidant. It is an excellent source of minerals and like many herbs is relatively high in vitamin C.

You can dry Oregano, but if it is planted in a sheltered place, you can use it fresh all year round.

Growing Golden Oregano

A wonderful plant in the garden with its small gold leaves which grow into a ground covering mound no higher than about 20cm. The leaves can be used the same as the other oreganos. It grows easily in most conditions but does well in the heat and a little dry. It will not suffer with frosts but the growth will slow down through winter. It does not like high fertility and can grow taller, straggly and with a weak flavour. With a poor to medium fertility this lovely plant will stay firmly bunched, making a lovely groundcover and retain its full flavour

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