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Artemisia vulgaris

  • Used as a tea

  • Promotes menstruation

  • Both leaf and roots can be used



Background for Mugwort

A common weed growing in the hedgerows in the UK. Similar to many weeds that have been around for centuries, Mugwort has had many uses over the decades. Superstition deem is a safeguard from evil spirits and wild beasts. Being a relative of wormwood it was used as an insecticide, keeping moths at bay. Used in the early 1900’s the leaves were used as a tea by the working class in the UK. It is also avidly eaten by sheep.

Use for Mugwort

The root is dug in autumn and dried. It is used in preparation as a stimulant and a tonic. The leaf can be collected late summer and dried for use as a tea throughout the winter, but is best used fresh. Mugwort tea is said to give you vivid dreams. An emmenagogue Mugwort should not be taken during pregnancy, but has been used to stimulate menstruation. It is also useful when taken at the start of a cold. It was used in the last two centuries as an aid to ease epilepsy. The tea, made from the leaf or root has a bitter taste.

 Growing Mugwort

A tall straggly plant it grows in most conditions and can grow to a size where the branches fall over onto the ground. It takes well to a hard trim at the end of summer and will show little growth until spring when it can spread a meter to a meter and half in all directions.

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