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Thyme - Golden

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Thyme - Golden

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Thymus vulgaris 'Aureus'

  • Vigorous plant

  • Excellent flavour

  • Grows fast to make a mound




Golden thyme or thymus vulgaris, is used as a medicinal as well as culinary thyme. This highly aromatic herb has many uses both medicinal and culinary. It is one of the ancient herbs, growing wild in the Mediterranean (and South Island NZ), liking dry and rocky ground.  In the Roman era it was consumed as an antidote for poison. It can also boast being used, rightly or wrongly, to prevent the many plagues that have swept the earth.

In support of the many cures thyme was supposed to be responsible for, It does contain a chemical compound called Thymol in that is a strong antiseptic. It is used widely today in many commercial preparations.

The Victorians believed that a patch of wild thyme signified and patch where the fairies danced at night. 

This thyme has gorgeous golden green leaves and a mass of pale mauve flowers in high summer. I recommend this one often as it is usually a strong plant (doesn't like wet feet) and a good plant for those just starting to acquire a taste for herbs.


Thyme has a distinctive and strong flavour. Use generously in stews and any meat dishes. I sprinkle a little over salads in winter to lift the otherwise tasteless lettuce and tomatoes. It goes exceptionally well with mushroom and chicken. In the cafe one of our winter dishes is creamy mushrooms with Thyme.

We dried this thyme, along with Pizza Thyme, added garlic flakes and sea salt to make seasoned salt which we use in the café.

Thyme is used medicinally as an antiseptic, antiviral, anti- parasitic and antifungal. It is also used in many detox diets. It is also said to boost the immune system.


Three small plants in the display garden turned into three big mounds covering about 10 times their original area, within a year. As with all Thymes they will not tolerate wet feet through winter, but will survive in a drought better than most plants. Golden Thyme grows like a small tree and then spreads to make a mound. You can regenerate the plant by pinning some of the side shoots into the dirt at the end of summer and they should make new roots through the winter. It takes a fair amount of trimming and at the end of summer you will be able to see new growth coming from the crown, so can take a harsh cutting back to this new growth. Perennial. 30cm.

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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