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Thyme - Pizza

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Thyme - Pizza

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Thymus nummularis

  • Full of flavour

  • Favoured by chefs

  • Largest leaf of all the thymes



Background for Pizza Thyme.

Thymus -  seems to find its roots in the Mediterranean and has been used for centuries to help create the flavour that we identify with many foods from Greece, Spain and Italy. It has also been used for centuries for its medicinal benefits and is known to be the herb of choice for its antibacterial properties.

Use Pizza Thyme.

One of the more common thymes, this one has probably the most flavour of them all. With the largest leaf this thyme is very easy to use and can be cut liberally over pizza (of course) or any Italian or Mediterranean dish.  Using it liberally on a daily basis in your dishes can also have some added health benefits. Thyme is said to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol as well as give a boost to your immune system. A tea made with thyme can help ease a sore throat and cold.

Grow Pizza Thyme.

Lovely mauve to pink flowers in mid-summer seems to display how much this thyme likes the heat. It can do without water far better than most plants and will thrive well in the heat of a rockery. But as it grows to form a mound about 30cm tall it actually provides shade and a little protection for its own roots. Likes a well-drained soil,

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