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Verbena Officinalis



Background of Vervain

Vervain is a common roadside weed in England and Europe. An ancient herb going back to the time of Druids and sorcerers, it was favoured by Hippocrates. It has been used as a cure all by many herbalists from curing headaches to curing lovesickness. It grows with a profusion of light lilac/blue flowers. Sheep will eat this plant, but cattle and horses will not.

Medicinal use for Vervain

Used by herbalists, Vervain is used mainly as a relaxant. Taken as a tea it can help relieve headaches. It is also used for digestive issues, being beneficial for the gallbladder and liver. Vervain tea made from the leaves is nice to drink with a little honey, as alone it can be quite bitter. A popular tea in France, it is good before bed for its sedative and calming effect. It is used in China to reduce fertility.  According to the druids, Vervain should be harvested when neither the sun nor the moon are in the sky. Don't use if you suffer from asthma. There is some research into its use as a treatment for some tumours.

Growing Vervain

An attractive garden plant and easy to grow. It is a short lived perennial and quite hardy. It readily self-seeds. Vervain grows in most soils, but prefers full sun. It will not survive in coastal environments, nor does it like acidic soils. Like many herbs it does best without too much fertility. Produces small pretty lilac flowers in late summer. It will grow to for a lovely flower filled mount about 80cm tall

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